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Special Committee

Traffic Safety Committee

Training Committee


The South Louisiana Chapter conducts two special events each year:  the Annual Meeting and Expo in the spring and the Annual Golf Fore Safety  Tournament in the fall.  This committee arranges all aspects of these events, as well as any other special events determined to implement the Councilís mission.

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The Traffic Safety Committee is involved in improving the safety and efficiency of our roadway systems, including vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian safety as well as engineering, design, and law enforcement. Over the years, this committee has recommended and supported legislation and other official actions to improve the traffic safety of the community.

Members of the committee include representatives from area law enforcement, traffic courts, public works and traffic engineers, traffic consultants, coroner's offices, American Automobile Association and other concerned citizens and public officials.  Through regular monthly meetings, the group discusses current traffic related problems and disseminates traffic safety information.

Some achievements in prior years include the all-weather motor vehicle inspection station, the separate Traffic Court of New Orleans, the license deposit law (providing use of a valid driver's licenses as bond in certain traffic violation cases), the establishment of mandatory attendance in driver improvement courses for rehabilitation of problem drivers, the state-wide pre-licensing course for first time driverís license applicants, and the ban on street solicitation on public streets.

This committee supports better street lighting, more efficient roadway signaling systems, highway emergency call boxes, lowering the blood alcohol content to .08 for those over 21 and zero tolerance for those under 21 as well as professional drivers, state-wide ban on open containers of alcoholic beverages in motor vehicles and other measures to improve traffic safety. [MORE, including organizations, agenda, calendar]

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Safety and health training is an integral par of the Council's activities and a major source of revenue. This committee identifies the training needs of industry and develops educational programs to meet those needs. The Training Committee also recommends to the administrative staff the fees to set for such training and develops discount offers for employees of Corporate Members.

Members of the committee include those responsible for training at their facilities and others interested in the training activities of the Membership.  Membership on the Training Committee is not limited to Corporate Members of the South Louisiana Chapter.

The National Safety Council's Advanced Safety Certificate is awarded to those completing a series of NSC courses within a five-year period.  The South Louisiana Chapter offers these courses on a rotating basis.  The local chapter is one of only a few training facilities other than the NSC sites, where certified NSC instructors conduct such training.

Information from other committees regarding training needs is relayed to the Training Committee for consideration and possible implementation.


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