Month June 2018*

OSHA Outreach Training Courses held at our location in Metairie:

OSHA Education by University of Texas at Arlington

6/1/18 Powered Industrial Trucks Special Offer

6/1/18 Lift Truck Operator Train-the-Trainer Special Offer

6/2/18 Defensive Driving 4-Hour Course

6/2/18 Alcohol, Drugs & Driving Awareness Course

6/5-8/18 Safety Training Methods3

6/11/18 Fire Protection

6/11/18 Exit Routes, Emergency Action Plans, Fire Prevention Plans

6/16/18 Alive at 25

6/16/18 Defensive Driving 4-Hour Course

6/16/18 Alcohol, Drugs & Driving Awareness Course

6/18/18 First Aid, CPR, AED Course

6/18-20/18 First Aid, CPR, AED Instructor Course

6/21/18 Bloodborne & Airborne Pathogens Train-the-Trainer

6/25/18 Defensive Driving 6-Hour Course

6/25-27/18 Defensive Driving 6-Hour Instructor Course

6/28/18 Defensive Driving 4-Hour Course

6/28-29/18 Defensive Driving 4-Hour Instructor Course

7/30-8/2/18 Principles of Occupational Safety & Health2,3


Certificate in Principles of Occupational Safety & Health (POSH)2
Advanced Safety Certificate3

*Dates, time, location subject to change without notice.


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